Digital Signage: Can it Help Your Business?

When you think of “digital signage,” the most common example that might come to mind are the Arrival & Departures boards you see in airports, train stations, and bus terminals. Or, you can think of Times Square in New York City. But digital signage can be used for so much more than product advertising, or travel coordination. Businesses often utilize signage to direct visitors to specific points of interest in their offices, but with the advent of digital technologies, the potential for digital signage is nearly endless. If leveraged properly, these displays can be used to provide key insights into operations, as well as notify employees and visitors of important information.

When we say digital signage, what we mean is having digital displays in your office. You may have seen them out and about in other locations, such as fast food restaurants using monitors as menu boards. Medical offices can use them to display health trends and dietary advice in waiting areas, concert venues can display information about upcoming events, and certain digital signage programs can even be used like a working address book which can be used to call employees at their desks. In essence, digital signage solutions give your business the opportunity to broadcast content to screens around your office for a variety of reasons, and they are great opportunities to make your workplace a more dynamic experience as a whole. Rather than buying new physical signage every time you want change up your messaging, you can simply re-design whatever it is you’ve got on your display.

Showcase Important Information or Statistics

Sometimes you need your employees to see announcements, but you want to make the information known in a more public location. Otherwise, you can use it to display statistics, like the number of sales or a countdown to a certain date or time. Either way, digital signage can be used to keep your staff informed.

Digital signage is also helpful for navigating the office. You can have signs indicating where important locations, like a conference room or bathroom, are located. As mentioned earlier, several programs allow you to create an interactive piece of digital signage that acts like a virtual secretary, giving you or your visitors to ping employees and reach them at their desks. SouthTech uses one such program in their office!

Display Upcoming Dates and Events

All businesses have deadlines of some sort, and digital signage is a perfect way to broadcast it to your entire office… or at least the locations where digital signage is used. It’s an easy, supplemental way of drawing attention to certain times, dates, or events that are arriving in the future.

Monitor Goals More Effectively

Digital signage can help your organization keep its employees accountable through the display of goals and key performance indicators. You might even be able to foster some healthy competition between your organization’s employees, as their performance will be displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

Does your business need assistance with setting up or acquiring resources for digital signage? SouthTech can equip you with all the assets you need to make effective use of digital signage. To learn more about what we can do for your business, reach out to us at 855-941-TECH.