Customizing Your Task Bar Can Make You More Efficient

Today’s technology is always about efficiency. How can we perform the tasks we need to complete with as little energy and resources expended as possible? To that end, shortcuts are built into nearly every program and device you might need. You have probably used a few of these shortcuts before without even realizing it!

In this post, we are going to cover a critical, and often undervalued, area of the home screen on your Windows computer. Can you guess which one we’re talking about? The Taskbar! That’s right, the area at the bottom of your screen where you normally go to search for files or power down your device at the end of the day can be a great place to boost your efficiency.

The Windows Taskbar is meant to assist the user in opening and managing the programs they need to accomplish their goals. You use it every time you use your computer. But did you know that the Taskbar is completely customizable? You can personalize it to your needs by creating shortcuts to the programs and websites you visit frequently. Let’s go over a couple of the things you can do with the Taskbar – specifically, things that make navigating your computer a little easier.

Using the Taskbar to Highlight Folders

If you’re like most users today, a large amount of the work you are responsible for only requires you to access certain areas of the company’s storage, which can quickly make navigating there a frustrating inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a Taskbar feature that can streamline this process considerably.

You can add direct links to folders (and their contents) to the Taskbar.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Right-click any unused space in the Taskbar to open a menu of options
  • Hover over Toolbars and select New toolbar…
  • Find your desired folder in the directory that appears, select it, and click Select Folder

That folder should now appear in your Taskbar, with a list of its contents quickly and easily accessible to you.

Using the Taskbar to Access Websites

If your responsibilities more frequently require you to be on the Internet, you might find it useful to have a quick-access URL field in your Taskbar. This enables you to skip the step of opening a browser before beginning to navigate to a site. Here’s how you do this:

  • Again, access your Taskbar options by right-clicking in any unused space
  • Again, hover over Toolbars, this time selecting Address

A URL field will have appeared in your Taskbar. Typing a URL into it and pressing Enter will open that website in your default browser. Try it with the websites you visit the most!

You should now have a pretty good idea of how you can customize your Taskbar to best suit your needs. Do you have anything pinned in your Taskbar that we haven’t discussed? Do you have a question about the Taskbar that we haven’t answered? Let us know by emailing us at or sending us a message through our Contact page.


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