What is Document Management and Why Do I Need It?

In this Guest Blog post, our friends at RITE Technology discuss the importance of document management and offer some best practices. Even in the Digital Age, physical documents have yet to become fully obsolete and the critical information they might contain needs to be secured.

Time to Digitize

Document Management allows your organization to store, manage, and track electronic documents through a software solution that digitizes and indexes your paper files – think of it as a digital paperwork solution. You may need document management if:

  • Your organization is trying to become paperless (or close to it)
  • You need the ability to simultaneously edit a document without one person overwriting another’s work
  • You have file cabinets (or boxes) full of paperwork that you would love to digitize
  • You have file cabinets full of documents that, if damaged or lost by natural disaster or some other mishap, your business would suffer considerably
  • You struggle to put your hands on important documents in a timely fashion

If any of those descriptions fit you, you’ll want to continue reading.

The Elements of Document Management

The two key elements of document management are document security and workflow.

Security: Document Management provides security around your documents, and with a GUI (graphic user interface), it is intuitive and easy to use. It gives you keyword search capability and the ability to create layers of security around documents. You can allow certain users certain levels of access: visibility but no editing, editing, the ability to download etc.

WorkFlow:  Document management gives you the ability to create automated responses to specific documents, for instance, requiring order approval from specific people before an invoice can be paid. You can also index with layers of metadata, making documents easily traceable.

Want to find out more?

RITE Technology logoIf you would like to learn more about how document management solutions can help your business become more efficient, reach out to Amy at atobin@ritefl.com for more information. RITE has been in the Sarasota region for over 30 years helping clients with workflow and office technology.