Is Your Printer Making You Less Efficient?

We have another guest blog from our good friends at RITE Technology, this time on the importance of smart printing. Printers are one of the most overlooked cost centers in business. They can bring frustration and expense, or, if managed properly, make your workflow efficient and cost effective.

Printing Doesn’t Have to be a Pain

Business professionals don’t think about their printers until they have to use them, and something won’t work. It’s out of ink or toner. It has a paper jam deep inside of the machine. The driver won’t work, and you can’t get your document to print. Printers are forgettable until you have an important project you need to print. Getting someone to fix your printer in that crucial moment is nearly impossible if you aren’t on a service contract with a partner.

Many small businesses don’t have that partner. Instead, they have a series of consumer-grade printers, having given no thought to other alternatives. Some rely on a centralized network copier. Regardless of what and how you use printers for your business, ensuring they are managed centrally will help reduce problems and likely, save money.

You Can Manage and Control the Expenses Tied to Printing

Many businesses don’t manage their printers at all, not realizing that printers are one of the hidden costs businesses overlook. Ink and toner cost money, as does the hardware, service, and especially lost productivity. In many businesses the expense for printers is third, right behind payroll and rent. In a recent industry survey conducted by Xerox, it was found that 64 percent of small businesses aren’t tracking their printer usage costs. The report also revealed that nearly half of companies believe that their employees were simply printing out their emails.

Reducing the amount that your employees print can really make a big impact over time.

Printer Management is Worth Investing In

Some business environments cannot be entirely paperless; however, this doesn’t mean you cannot manage your printing expenses efficiently. Small business can deploy tools used to control, report on, and restrict printer usage. Since every business has different uses and requirements, employing a permissions-based system allows for centralized management over your printers.

Additionally, by having a managed print program in place, those endpoints are patched, updated, and protected against threats. There have been cases over the last couple years where cybercriminals have utilized office printers as an entry-point for spreading malware or breaching data. These types of exploits can cost your business a lot more than another ream of paper or toner cartridge. Having a partner who understands security is crucial to protecting your business.

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