These are unprecedented times; as caution towards COVID-19 continues to keep the world on pause, many businesses have been forced to adapt. Adapt to remote workforces, virtual meetings, and in some extreme cases pivoting their business entirely.

As an MSP, SouthTech is designed to thrive in exactly this sort of disaster situation. The SouthTech team was prepared and ready to deploy remotely very early on. When management made the call, the entire SouthTech workforce went into action, securing the equipment needed and testing their remote connections for speed and security.

Despite the requirements of self-quarantine and social isolation, the SouthTech team has continued to provide the premier service the company is known for. However, operating in a “business-as-usual” capacity is not enough. The SouthTech team has also been working overtime to provide resources for all business owners.

Hurricane Season Is Here

Preparing for Hurricanes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hurricane Season is Here, Is Your Business Prepared?

Disaster Planning & Recovery Checklist

Watch this video to hear from one of our clients, and find out how they were able to minimize the damage done to a local nonprofit when Irma ripped the roof of the building clean off:

Blog Posts

Here is a brief list of the blog posts that SouthTech experts have put together that should be helpful during this crisis:

Keeping Your Tech Clean During COVID-19

Coronavirus Security Scams to Be Aware Of

Best Practices for Remote Workers

New Phishing Scams Use Stimulus Package as Bait


SouthTech considers the local business community to be a vital in spreading awareness and connecting struggling businesses owners with the people who can help them. That’s why the SouthTech Sales & Marketing team has worked with organizations like the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance to put together informational webinars like those listed below:

Other Resources

The resources here are curated from different sources, and cover a range of topics surrounding the crisis including updates on stay-at-home orders, uplifting stories of local businesses pivoting however they can to help the community, and more:

Coronavirus Coverage: Sarasota Magazine

To talk to a SouthTech expert about your business technology needs, head over to our CONTACT page. We look forward to assisting you.