SouthTech hosts a biannual electronics recycling as a value-add for client companies and the Suncoast community at large. Twice a year SouthTech invites you to bring your old, outdated electronics to be recycled, at no charge to you, in a swift and secure manner. This includes desk phones, mobile phones, monitors, computers, printers, copiers, keyboards… there is a small list of devices that will not be accepted due to expenses incurred by the recycling process: a good example is old televisions.

The company that performs the breakdown of the devices and handles the aftercare for the separate parts is Quicksilver Recycling Services, a company out of Tampa that has been expertly handling old technology since 1998. You can check out their website here. SouthTech works with Quicksilver specifically because of their secure data destruction policy. If you bring devices to these events, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected. After every event, SouthTech provides participants with a secure data destruction certificate, verifying that all materials handled by Quicksilver were safely destroyed.

Check out these photos from our previous events!

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