Downtine Costs

Alarmed by the high costs of downtime? SouthTech can help.

It happens like clockwork: every couple of weeks, there’s another big data breach in the news. Millions of customer records exposed, with the personal data they contained sold and re-sold on the dark web.

It’s a publicity nightmare, of course—but it’s also a productivity nightmare. Data breaches mean downtime, and downtime is expensive. How expensive? Start with the direct cost of paying employees for time they can’t work. Factor in the opportunity cost of work you can’t bill. Then add the hit your company’s reputation will take when you suddenly can’t meet the deadlines you promised. It adds up fast.

Luckily, there’s SouthTech. Our award-winning services can help keep your data locked down and your systems up and running. There’s a reason we’ve been southwest Florida’s leading managed services provider for over 25 years.

Protect your data, and your reputation. Call SouthTech today to get started.

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