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Without the right team protecting your data, the cost of downtime could cripple your business.

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The 2021 Sophos State of Ransomware report also found that only 8% of businesses will get all of their data back after a breach. Most will lose a third of their data. A proactive IT support team can help reduce downtime and help your business better protect itself from data breaches.

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Don’t want to be shut down like the Colonial Gas Pipeline? Don’t want to be down for weeks like Scripps Health? We can help.

Colonial Pipeline Hit By New Computer Problem

Colonial Pipeline, the main Gulf Coast-East Coast artery for gasoline and other petroleum products, ran into a new computer snag Tuesday as it was still recovering from a shutdown that started May 7 after a ransomware attack...

Scripps Health Network Still Down, 2 Weeks After Cyberattack

Meanwhile, Ireland's national health service is continuing to grapple with outages of its own following a ransomware incident...