Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Why Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for O365?

The highest occurrence of data compromise is resulting from poor email security and unauthorized access. 

MFA will help prevent this by requiring that access to your account in O365 be confirmed with a secondary method.

As Office 365 attacks continue to gain popularity, we have seen more and more incidents of bad actors gaining access to a single email account that is then used to compromise finances, company data, or other accounts within and outside an organization. These bad guys can gain access to other Office 365 applications such as OneDrive and SharePoint which can also lead to financial and data losses for the business.

Office 365 MFA requires a password and one more verification method when signing into Office 365. Even if the attackers get access to one credential, they will be forced to verify identities in another way. It gives businesses an effective way to protect their organization’s infrastructure and adds multiple additional layers of cybersecurity. While it’s never possible to stop all data breaches and attacks, MFA can prevent numerous chances of your business being a cyberattack victim.

Microsoft includes the following additional verification methods: authentication with phone app, a text message or a phone call. Users won’t have to authenticate every time they open the Outlook client (or other Office 365 applications) on their work computers, this would normally be required if accessing an account from a new device or via a web portal (internet browser). When implemented correctly, MFA can prevent most threats from easily gaining access to your data, even if credentials become compromised. The multiple layers of authentication ensure that users demanding access are who they claim to be.  Due to the sensitive nature of email and other Microsoft accounts and because the impact a breach like this can have to a business’ data, finances, and reputation, we are strongly recommending this solution to be implement companywide for all of our clients as soon as possible.

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