SouthTech Announces Next Data Dump, Co-Hosted with GCBX

Invites the Public to Securely Recycle Outdated Electronics for Free

SARASOTA, FL (February 11, 2020) – SouthTech, a provider of managed technology solutions serving businesses in Southwest Florida, has teamed up with the GCBX to host their next free electronics recycling event. With recycling services provided by Quicksilver Recycling, SouthTech encourages locals to bring in their old and outdated technology. The event, known as the “Data Dump,” will be held on Friday, February 28th and located at the GCBX office in their parking lot. SouthTech has enlisted the help of the GCBX to help spread awareness and encourage their members to participate, but the event is open to everyone. “We love being able to provide this service to not just our clients, but the community at large. We’re going to start keeping a running tally of how much we’ve collected across every Data Dump event, and we look forward to seeing that number continue to grow,” said Lauren Selle, Marketing Coordinator for SouthTech.

The event will take place from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on February 28th in the GCBX parking lot. Tents will be set up and there will be drinks and snacks for participants to enjoy while they wait for their materials to be recycled. Business card draw winners will be announced at 4:00 PM on the SouthTech Facebook page. The total weight of the electronics collected during the event will be announced on March 1st. We encourage you to follow SouthTech prior to the event to stay up to date with any announcements or changes.

About SouthTech

Since 1994, SouthTech has been southwest Florida’s premier provider of professional and managed technology solutions. Their highly experienced team of certified experts are results driven and dedicated to delivering the highest level of service from a complete suite of IT solutions, including managed services, cloud and hosting solutions, unified communications, advanced computer networks and data security. We become our clients’ trusted IT Navigators by using a highly strategic approach that aligns technology to their desired business goals.

Media Contact

Lauren Selle
Marketing Coordinator
941-953-7455 ext. 315