SouthTech Shatters Previous Collection Record

Data Dump Attendance at an All-time High in Lakewood Ranch 

Last Friday, on October 11th, SouthTech partnered with the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance and Lakewood Ranch Community Activities to host the second Data Dump of 2019. The Data Dump is an electronics recycling event made possible by Quicksilver Recycling Services, a company based out of Tampa. Quicksilver and SouthTech have worked together on these events for the past three years and have only recently begun partnering with local business associations to get greater visibility for the events. Individuals from both local businesses and the community at large are encouraged to bring their old electronics in for processing and secure destruction of their personal data. This service is offered for free and serves to keep these devices from being dumped in local landfills.  

During the previous Data Dump, co-hosted with the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, a total of 10,073 pounds of electronics were collected. The total weight from last week’s event cleared this number by a wide margin. The grand total as calculated by Quicksilver Recycling is 17,290 pounds of electronics, which represents a 71% increase in the amount recycled. “From early on in the day, I knew we were going to break our previous record,” says SouthTech Marketing Coordinator Lauren Selle. “The turnout was just incredible.”     

“We’re blown away by the response from the businesses and residents of Lakewood Ranch,” said LWRBA President & CEO Dom DiMaio. “The Alliance is always looking for ways to improve our community and environment. We support the recycling of electronic waste because it keeps substances such as lead, mercury and various other toxins out of our landfills. It recaptures valuable raw materials and repurposes them for new devices, all resulting in reduced energy use, pollution and gas emissions released into the atmosphere. We are grateful to have been able to bring this opportunity to Lakewood Ranch by partnering with SouthTech, Lakewood Ranch Community Activities, and Quicksilver Recycling.” 

About SouthTech  

Since 1994, SouthTech has been southwest Florida’s premier provider of professional and managed technology solutions. Their highly experienced team of certified experts are results driven and dedicated to delivering the highest level of service from a complete suite of IT solutions, including managed services, cloud and hosting solutions, unified communications, advanced computer networks and data security. We become our clients’ trusted IT Navigators by using a highly strategic approach that aligns technology to their desired business goals.  

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