Step 10:  Every pathway is susceptible to natural disasters. Stay safe in IT Paradise with a business continuity plan.

Have you ever noticed that the places advertised as “Paradise” are also many times the target of large natural disasters? We in Florida are constantly tracking hurricanes. Some of the most beautiful skiing resorts are concerned with major snow storms and avalanches. Just like these communities, a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan is mandatory for your business.

Two key factors as you design this plan are RTO and RPO. Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is basically the amount of time you can be without the down system or data. Your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is just as important as it represents the closest point where you have good data, i.e. 15 minutes ago, one hour, one day, one week... Your decision on RTO’s and RPO’s for the different systems in your environment will guide the development of your plan.

Other items that need to be considered as you build your backup and disaster recovery plan include:

  • That your backup and disaster recovery plan be developed in conjunction with your business continuity plan.
  • Redundancy including onsite and remote storage.
  • Consideration of data archiving and versioning for point in time recovery.
  • Plans for different levels and types of business disruption including power outage, water damage, data loss, human error, cyber threats in addition to the typical natural disasters.
  • Data restoration from all locations including cloud services and mobile systems.
  • Failover systems that will provide communications and access to critical data during a disaster and the following recovery period.

it paradise step 10Your backup and disaster recovery plan should abide by the one of our favorite movie quotes from Apollo 13 that, “Failure is not an option.”