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Hurricane Preparedness & Disaster Recovery


As of June 1st, we are officially in Hurricane Season. Read on for tips on hurricane preparedness and disaster recovery.


It doesn’t get much better than living in beautiful Florida! But each year, summer comes around and brings with it a slew of storms. With Hurricane Season officially kicking off this month, we wanted to share a few quick tips to help you prepare and have a plan in place for disaster recovery.

Downtime and loss of data can ruin a business. One minute, everything is working properly, and the next, it’s over. It can happen in a matter of seconds, so it’s vital to be prepared.

In addition to a backup disaster and recovery plan, it’s important to have a business impact plan you can implement at a moment’s notice.

941CEO recently published an article that outlines all of the necessary steps, including the below guide to a business impact plan.

A business impact plan should include:

  • Employee safety procedures and expectations
  • Internal and external communications plans
  • Customer support
  • System backup and recovery
  • Operations recovery
  • Defined roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster
  • Workload shifting
  • Communication with dispatched employees
  • Workaround procedures, such as backup vendors or remote locations, for business processes

You can view the full article here.

With all of the tips and guidelines available out there, it's simple to take the necessary precautions. Don't take risks with your business critical data. Have a plan in place. Be prepared. Take on Hurricane Season in stride.

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