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Staff Spotlight: Meet Nathan Bailey

Staff Spotlight: Meet Nathan Bailey

We love birthdays. Especially when they fall on a Monday. There’s nothing quite like kicking the week off with a birthday celebration! And today’s a big one…

Happy birthday to Nathan Bailey, our VP of Operations!

Let’s meet the man behind the birthday; shall we?

Nathan was born and raised in Dawson Creek, BC Canada, where his family had a farm. He was one of seven kids milking the cows before school and doing farm stuff all the way through his middle school years.

When he was 18, he moved to Georgia with his family shortly before attending college at Bethel College in Kansas on a basketball scholarship.

IMG 5312

(See how he got the scholarship? He’s got moves.)

Nathan doesn’t live in Georgia anymore (could you imagine that commute?). He moved to Sarasota in 1999 for his first “real job” at Kerkering Barberio and Company as a CPA. He’s been at SouthTech for about 10 years now.

As you could have guessed from the basketball hoop in his office, the college scholarship and his impeccable form, Nathan is a big fan of basketball. He was sad to see March Madness come to an end, especially since it wasn’t a great bracket year for him. (He had Kansas and North Carolina in the Final Four. Oy.)

When Nathan’s not busy missing March Madness or working at SouthTech, he can be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors with his family. He particularly loves going to the beach, heading out on the boat, fishing, camping, hiking and playing sports with his kids. (That pretty much covers everything you can do outside, right?)

Who can blame him for taking advantage of that beautiful Sarasota weather though? Especially coming from mile 0 of the Alaska Highway where the average July temperature is 59 -- and 5.2 in January! Yikes. Nathan’s hometown is so far north that parts of Alaska are further south than it.

“Nothing against my hometown, but I like Sarasota better,” he said with a smile.

Sarasota is happy to have you, Nathan, and SouthTech is thrilled to have you on board! Wishing you a happy birthday and lots of fun today.

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