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SouthTech Spotlight: Detwiler's Farm Market

Detwiler’s Farm Market, founded in 2009, currently has three locations.

“It’s a family affair. We’re looking at expanding to a fourth location soon,” said Steven Schlabach, Detwiler’s Finance Manager.

Schlabach has been with the company for a year and a half. SouthTech has partnered with them for about a year now.


“Sam [Detwiler] came in contact with SouthTech and interviewed with Chad and Jackson,” said Schlabach. “We said, ‘Let’s see what they can do. Can they oversee all of our IT?’ Security, new software, transferring from our old provider…it was a large undertaking.”

Detwiler’s relies on PowerView Voice and PowerView Manage to run their corporate office as efficiently as possible, so they can focus on their business while SouthTech takes care of the rest.

Detwiler's Farm Market

“SouthTech is very helpful. Very great, very knowledgeable, very prompt,” said Schlabach. “They have really propelled our business forward.”

Through tighter login credentials and company-wide standards, offsite threats are eliminated.

“It takes all of the worrying out of the equation,” said Schlabach. “We no longer have to think about malware or phishing threats because we know SouthTech has it under control.”

Detwiler’s recently announced a new store slated to open in Palmetto - its largest store yet. The site is eight acres with plans for more than 50,000 square feet of store space. This marks Detwiler’s first entry into Manatee County. The expansion is expected to create about 100 jobs.

Detwiler's Farm Market

“SouthTech has helped us get results faster,” said Schlabach. “They made all the difference for us when we switched over our store POS. We were very impressed with how smooth the transition was. We’re closed on Sundays, so the team used that day to get to work with the new POS, and we were up and running on Monday morning.”

Detwiler's Farm Market

The three main elements that factor into Detwiler’s business decisions are ultimately value, security and efficiency.

“I couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with SouthTech,” said Schlabach. “We’re very happy with their work and highly recommend them. No glitches. No downtime. No frustrated customers. That’s the dream.”

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