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SouthTech Spotlight: Jennifer Danis

SouthTech Spotlight: Jennifer Danis

The SouthTech team is full of fun, talented people, and we’ll take any excuse we can to celebrate them!

So, everyone say hi to Jennifer, our Unified Communications Manager. (Hi, Jennifer!)

Jennifer Danis

Want to know why she’s holding up four fingers? Because we made her. But you want to know why we made her do that? It’s because today is her fourth anniversary with us!

In honor of her fourth anniversary, here are four things you might not have known about Jennifer…

1. Jennifer is originally from Old Orchard Beach, Maine. That’s right! She might seem like a Sarasota native with her keen knowledge of the town and all its hidden gems, but this SRQ resident is actually from snowy Maine, where she lived for 15 years.

2. She’s lived in four different states in her lifetime (but we’re pretty sure Florida is her favorite). After living in Maine for 15 years, Jennifer moved to Northern Virginia for a bit and then spent quite a few years in North Carolina after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill. The fourth (and best) state she’s called home, of course, is Florida.

3. Before entering the world of IT, Jennifer spent some time working in the restaurant industry. Yep! Before she came to SouthTech, Jennifer managed the Sarasota Bread Company and also worked as catering director for the Summerhouse Restaurant. This experience provided a smooth transition into project management at Kangas & Associates from 2007 to 2013. (After that, we were lucky enough to have her join the SouthTech team!)

4. When she’s not at work, you can find Jennifer soaking up some quality time with friends and family. Next time you’re out and about in Sarasota and you spot her, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself! Jennifer is extremely friendly. (But what else would you expect from a SouthTech family member?)

So, now that you know a little bit more about Jennifer, please join us in wishing her a happy work anniversary! We’re fortunate to have her on the team and appreciate all of her hard work.

Cheers to you, Jennifer!

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