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Staff Spotlight: Rob Snyder


Happy third anniversary to a very important Systems Engineer, Rob Snyder!

We caught up with Rob to ask him a few questions. Rob’s a funny guy. His answers did not disappoint.

Where are you from?
I am part of the limited group of people known as a ‘native.’ Born and raised in Sarasota. In the relatively short 35 years I’ve been alive, I’ve seen this town grow rapidly.

What is your role at SouthTech?
I am a Systems Engineer on our Client Care team. ‘What does that really mean?’ should be the next question. I act as an escalation point for our Systems Support Specialist. I am often considered the option of last resort when dealing with strange products or issues.

How did you get started at SouthTech?
Well, I was working for a large multi-national company that had a contract to provide IT engineering/service resources to ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’ I happened to be talking to one of my old bosses, who is now an enterprise engineer here at SouthTech, and he said, ‘Why not come work here at SouthTech?’ He assured me that the company cared about their clients as much as I did. I started as a Support Specialist, answering the phones and being the fine line of support for our customers.

Any particular hobbies?
My photography and cooking - especially any time I can break out my smoker, as the SouthTech staff knows.

Favorite things to do around Sarasota?
The amazing thing about working here is that we have a wide group of people working for us at SouthTech, and I will say I have become close friends to several of my coworkers. We get together on a Friday or during the weekend and sometimes just in the middle of the week and hang out, enjoy some good food at a restaurant, tell some bad but still funny jokes, and enjoy each other’s company. Time I spend with them always ends up being my favorite things to do around town. Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with.

Any interesting facts or tidbits to share?
I am guaranteed to have the messiest desk in the office.

Happy anniversary to the self-proclaimed messiest guy in the office! We’re happy to have you - and your mess - at SouthTech. (A messy desk is a sign of a brilliant mind, after all.)

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