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SouthTech Spotlight: Sutter Roofing

We’re proud of the work we do, and we’re fortunate to do that work for some really amazing companies. Sutter Roofing is one example of that.

The Sutter family has been in the commercial roofing business since the company was founded in 1902. Since then, four generations of Sutters have continued the tradition of providing quality roofing services at unmatched customer satisfaction.

Doug Sutter of Sutter Roofing

Sutter Roofing got its start in West Virginia, with the first Florida location opening in 1979. Through responsible growth, they’ve become one of the largest roofing contractors in the state, with nearly 300 employees and locations in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando and beyond.

Sutter Roofing Office- Clarksburg, WV (Circa 1906) 
Sutter Roofing Office - Clarksburg, WV, Circa 1906 (Courtesy of

Sutter Roofing had worked with a few IT companies before SouthTech. As these companies were bought out by larger firms, Sutter experienced some less-than-smooth transitions. After a chance meeting with Paul Hoffman and Nathan Bailey through Gulf Coast CEO Forum, Doug decided to bring SouthTech on board.

“We like to buy local,” said Doug. “I said, ‘Let’s see if SouthTech can handle this.’ Three offices, a lot of tech needs. It was a lot.”

Sutter Roofing started with a computer system and, as a byproduct, learned they needed to upgrade their phone system. The VoIP company they were using had gone out of business, so it was difficult to get the parts they needed in a timely manner. This created issues as the company grew and they needed to add stations.

Enter PowerView® Voice.

“Jen came in and did all of the training,” said Doug. “She did a fantastic job.”

Between multiple offices, hundreds of employees and several departments, communication is key. Video conferencing capabilities provided by SouthTech have been an integral part in closing the gap between offices.

“From day one, they were impressive,” said Doug. “It’s turned into an excellent partnership.”

Thanks to their impeccable customer service and keen expertise in the industry, Sutter Roofing has seen a lot of success, and they’ve used that success to give back to the community whenever possible.

“We’ve always been very charitable in the community,” said Doug. “We try to do a charity roof once a year.”

For example, in the past, they’ve donated roofs to the Women’s Resource Center and the Boys & Girls Club. The Women’s Resource Center had an area of flat roof that had been giving them problems for years. They tried patches and repairs, but nothing worked. Sutter Roofing donated their time and labor to repair and replace the damaged roof.

“For us, that meant several thousand dollars could remain focused on providing life changing programs to the women of our community, and that means something,” said Ashley Brown, Executive Director of Women’s Resource Center of Manatee. “We are grateful for their generosity and the spirit of community involvement they demonstrate as a company.”

Doug’s father, Steve, serves on the boards for the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity and remains chairman of the company. Now that he’s semi-retired, he gives back any time that he can to the community. Doug’s brother, Brad, Executive Vice President of the firm, works at Sutter Roofing as well, and Doug’s kids may join in the future.

Doug’s favorite project?

“The UTC mall. This was big coming out of the recession. It was an important project for the area, and it gave us a chance to show our capabilities. We did very well and showed our ability to take on a fast-paced project,” said Doug.

When our clients succeed, we succeed. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Sutter Roofing, and we’re honored to work with a company founded on trust and integrity. If we manage to operate in the background undetected, connect remote employees seamlessly, and create an efficient experience, we’ve done our job.

“Roofing is highly specialized. Having timely information at our fingertips is essential," said Doug. "Between our high speed network, VoIP phone system, and state of the art video conferencing, we have really integrated our offices into functioning more as a singular entity under one roof.”

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