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SouthTech is southwest Florida’s leading technology solutions provider. Since 1994, we have combined advanced technology expertise with experienced management consulting to deliver measurable and significant improvements to our clients' business practices.

Staff Spotlight: Michelle Tindell

We're celebrating a staff member's work anniversary this week...and it's a BIG one. Michelle Tindell has been a valued member of the SouthTech team for 10 years!

We caught up with Michelle to ask her a few questions...


Where are you from?
I was born in Savannah, Georgia.

How long have you lived in this area?
I’ve been in Florida since 1979, first in West Palm Beach before my family settled in Sarasota. Little known fact, I graduated from Bayshore High School with SouthTech’s CIO, Chad Goble - class of ’88!

What is your role at SouthTech? How did you get started at SouthTech?
My role is Systems Support Specialist, which means I work with our entire client base on a variety of issues.   My first day was also the first day that SouthTech started “in the real world.” There were 11 of us that day. 

Any particular hobbies? Favorite things to do around Sarasota?
Sarasota’s a great place to live; so many different places to go and things to do. Honestly though, I more enjoy being at home with family and friends. Love to cook!

Any interesting facts or tidbits to share?
I’m married to a wonderful guy, and we share an immense interest in all kinds of movies, TV and music. We also love spending time playing both Minecraft and World of Warcraft, and watching our three cats be cats.

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