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SouthTech recommended solutions that have built in backup and disaster recovery functionality:

1.    Office 365 Email - Email is hosted by Microsoft in redundant data centers and is routinely backing up your email. In the event your office is not accessible, users should be able to access their email from any location where they have internet access (home or public Wi-Fi).

2.    PowerView Backup/Disaster/Recovery (BDR) Service – An onsite device that takes backups of your server, and then sends a copy offsite nightly. Should onsite equipment at your office become unusable (flood, etc.), the offsite copy can be utilized as a virtual server temporarily until we can restore an onsite server for normal use.

3.    PowerView Voice (Star2Star Phone System) – PowerView Voice has built in disaster recovery. Should your physical equipment at your office be offline, calls will still flow to your voicemails, then they can be retrieved from your cell phone or other internet capable device. We can also have your office phones forwarded to your cell phones automatically should the outage be for more than just a few hours. This would allow staff to take calls on their cell phones as they come into their office phone numbers.

Hurricane Prepared Checklist - to be used when storm is forecasted to impact your business area:

Equipment Preparation:

  • Disconnect power and cables to all technology equipment.  
    • In the event of flooding or rain entering your facility, having your equipment disconnected from power sources will help in preventing damage to the equipment. 
    • Please label/tag all equipment and cables and consider taking pictures to ease in re-setup after storm.
  • If possible, move any technology equipment to an elevated area that is secured (locked closet, vault, etc.), and consider covering the equipment with waterproof material.
    • If secured area is not available in the facility, please consider moving the equipment to a secure offsite facility.

Other important considerations:

  • Consider re-evaluating internal organization disaster recovery plan
  • Internal review of insurance prior to storm’s landfall
  • Take pictures and/or videos of technology equipment and facilities for insurance purposes in the event of damage
  • If equipment cannot be secured within your facility, below is a list of the most critical equipment containing data for your business that should be taken offsite:
    • Server unit – most data that is business critical will reside here. Consider taking offsite if unsure of facility’s security during storm
    • Computer towers and/or laptop computers (hard drives potentially containing important data)
    • Backup devices and their storage (external hard drives, etc.). If you’re not using a third-party backup device, then consider taking any externally attached hard drives from server

How to engage SouthTech Support:

  • Weather permitting, SouthTech will be open during normal business hours leading up to the storm and inclement weather.
    • Safety of our personnel will be our top priority and depending on the storm track, technician availability may be limited to emergency only situations. 
  • To engage SouthTech’s support teams, please call (941)- 953-7455, option 2. We will be prioritizing our work based on levels of business disruption and order of request.
  • If storm reaches critical status in the Sarasota area, a voicemail will need to be left asking for follow-up. 
    • Email will not be responded to until after the storm has passed and offices are operational again.

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