Managed Services by Industry

Every business sector needs technology to thrive. We've worked with them all, and we know how to help.

Every industry has specific needs when it comes to technology. SouthTech has extensive experience guiding businesses through their toughest challenges, whether it’s compliance requirements or the implementation of new software applications. Our engineers have hands on experience working with the tools your team members use every day, because we’re the ones troubleshooting and solving the problems when our clients call us. To find out more about the work we do for businesses like yours, find the icon representing your industry below! 

Healthcare practices utilize EHR software and telehealth tools. A major concern is also HIPAA Compliance, which our experts have helped many businesses with.

Construction teams can be spread out across multiple locations, so they use robust communication tools on top of their 3D software needs.

Worried about DFARS & CMMC Compliance? We can help with that, and your other software needs.

Nonprofits need to keep their donor’s information safe. They also need to communicate with their members.

Businesses in the hospitality sector process sensitive information every day, such as credits card numbers.

Whether you’re an accountant, an architecture firm, or a marketing business, you need your team to be online and serving your clients. We can make you the most reliable firm in your sector.

Don't see your industry? Call us!

If you don’t see your industry listed above, don’t panic. The industries listed are simply the most common businesses who reach out to us for help. However, we have helped businesses in nearly all sectors get the most out of their technology setups. If you have specific concerns about your business needs, our experts are available now to discuss them with you. There’s no pressure to schedule a consultation, and no cost to you. We’re simply here to help!

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