Managed IT for Professional Services

Your business can't afford downtime. SouthTech can help you avoid it.

No matter what service you offer, whether it's accounting, architectural design, or advertising, your team members need their devices to be running smoothly so they can serve your clients.

Technology has become a key part of keeping businesses running smoothly. The professional services industry is no different. You need document management, a phone system that won’t drop your calls, and a robust cybersecurity defense system keeping your critical business data safe. But keeping it all online requires resources and time, time that you could be spending with your clients.

That’s where SouthTech comes in! As a managed service provider, we’ve been helping businesses with their technology for over 25 years. Think of us as your new IT department, but better. We employ a team of over 50 highly skilled technicains, offering you 24/7 support and strategic guidance when it’s time for an upgrade.

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Problems We Solve

Information Security

Ransomware Concerns

Costly Downtime

Inefficient Systems

  • Need to protect the personal data of your donors and members? We can recommend the best solutions in the business.
  • Our five layers of cybersecurity protect against ransomware threats and train your employees to recognize dangerous phishing attacks.
  • SouthTech has a proven track record of minimizing downtime and keeping your team running efficiently with our 24/7 support services.
  • Frustrated by inefficient systems? Our experts can optimize your existing setup and make strategic improvements.

SouthTech has been helping businesses in the nonprofit sector optimize their technology for over 25 years. Our engineers are familiar with your needs and know the in’s and out’s of the software tools you use every day. We take care of your technology so you can get back to doing what really matters: helping people.

When you work with SouthTech, you aren’t just getting a service you can call when something breaks. You’re getting a partner, a team of experts who know what tools you need to succeed. Our client satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry, a statistic we’re very proud of. Our clients trust us to guide them forward, and we earn that trust every day through the work we do.

There's a reason we call ourselves your IT Navigators. Give us a call today to find out where we can guide your business.

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