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Managing your company's business applications and server space can be a full time job unto itself.

Worrying about data storage, security and potential conflicts between different business applications can drain resources and distract you from your company's true strengths.

So let SouthTech host your applications and business data for you, on our secure off-site servers.

With SouthTech's PowerView Hosting service, your technology management headaches virtually disappear. Because everything is hosted on our servers at our facilities, you don't even have to think about managing partitions or monitoring available storage space. We do that for you.

You'll never be without access to your vital business applications. Your staff will always be able to log in and work as easily as if the servers were in the room down the hall.

Worried about security? Don't be. Your business applications and sensitive business data will be stored at our state-of-the-art data center. It's designed to keep unwanted visitors out, via PIN-code controlled building entry, biometric scan controls, and round-the-clock video surveillance. It's fully climate-controlled, with backup generators and dry-fire suppression systems.

Or if you'd rather, we'll transfer your servers to our secure facility and connect them to your network from there. You won't have to worry about building a hosting center of your own, and you'll still get all our advanced security, internet connectivity, and backup solutions.

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