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Voice and data shouldn't need separate networks.

Staying competitive in today's business environment often boils down to one word: efficiency. By streamlining processes, you can keep your organization lean and stay focused on your customers.

Which is why it makes no sense to maintain separate networks for voice and data communications. Your communications networks are basically just conduits for moving information from one place to another. So why should it matter if you're using words or bytes?

With PowerView Voice, it doesn't. PowerView Voice takes advantage of today’s more powerful networks with less expensive, readily-available bandwidth to streamline your entire communications infrastructure into a single efficient delivery system that takes less time and effort to manage.

Your customers will notice a difference too. For example, your customers can call one number and reach you on any of your devices—no matter where you are. You tell the system where and when you want to be reached, and all calls to your office number will be rerouted to your smartphone, tablet, or other device automatically. Callers don’t have to know that you’ve got a three-hour layover in Philadelphia, or that you’ve decided to work from home for the day.

Best of all, your PowerView Voice system doesn't come with bulky hardware to store and manage. Aside from one small device kept on-site, everything else is handled remotely, at one of our managed hosting centers.

SouthTech, PowerView Voice installations are built on technology from Star2Star, the leaders in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It’s time to throw out your preconceived notion of how business phone systems work – and get ready to embrace the next wave of integrated communications technology.


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