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You never know where the next threat will come from.

It seems like common sense that when you're talking about network security, you're talking about keeping the bad guys out. But threats to corporate security don't always come from the outside. Sometimes the biggest threats come from your own employees--who usually have no idea that they're putting your company at risk.

Hackers know that any company's employees are usually the weakest link in the network security chain. Because they're likely to do something like opening email attachments from unknown sources. Or inadvertently surfing to "attack sites" during lunch. Or downloading and installing applications from non-verified sites. All perfectly innocent, yet all potentially crippling to your company's productivity and network security.

SouthTech's PowerView™ Secure service is a comprehensive Internet security plan that gives you round-the-clock monitoring by SouthTech’s skilled professional staff. With PowerView Secure, your company will enjoy vigilant, seamless and unobtrusive network security in conjunction with detailed, in-depth reporting capabilities so you can better set Internet access policies for your employees.

You can trust SouthTech to protect you busness' critical data assets. Find out why SouthTech is one of the first 25 technology firms in the country to earn CompTIA's Security Trustmark+.

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