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Star2Star is the leading provider of VoIP communications systems that allow you to use a single network infrastructure to carry both your voice and data communications.

No matter how large your firm is, integrating the voice and data halves of your communications traffic can help you compete and succeed in a technology-driven business environment.

As a leading Star2Star partner, SouthTech is your trusted resource for integrated voice communications! Reduced communication costs. Streamlining your disparate communications channels into a single Star2Star system can start paying dividends immediately. A single, all-encompassing system eliminates the inevitable redundancies and inefficiencies of maintaining two or more different systems. And the initial setup costs and monthly rates are far lower than you'd probably expect. Unified communications systems. Star2Star's unified communication systems approach has plenty of benefits beyond the cost-related advantages. A unified system means simplicity of management. It means less space is required to house the equipment. And it means that everything works together seamlessly - because it was designed to. "Find me / Follow me" mobility. Your customers can call your main office number and still reach you on any mobile device you specify.

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So you can go wherever your business takes you - without worrying about missed calls and opportunities. Remote offices / remote workers. Today's communications technology makes it possible to harness talent from anywhere on the globe, take advantage of favorable business conditions overseas, or keep in contact with satellite offices close to your clients. Star2Star's cloud-based capabilities make it easier than ever to manage your distributed business enterprise. Easy and seamless video conferencing. The days of a jittery, grainy picture on your videoconferences are over.

Star2Star delivers reliable, high-quality video and sound for your important virtual meetings, so everyone feels like they're in the same room - and hopefully on the same page. Disaster recovery. With a Star2Star system, you never have to report a service outage. The minute anything goes wrong, the StarRecovery system automatically detects the problem and starts working to get everything back online. And while that's going on, your incoming calls are automatically rerouted to the alternate phone numbers or mobile devices you've specified - so your business isn't affected.

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