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Mobile Solutions

In an increasingly mobile world, Star2Star can keep you in touch no matter where you go.

Your business doesn't stop when you or your employees are on the go, quite the opposite. In a world that increasingly demands immediate response times and snap decisions, you can't afford to be out of contact. Star2Star has a comprehensive suite of mobile unified communications (UC) solutions that free your on-the-go workforce from their desks.

Make And Take Calls On Any Device
Workers that aren't tied to a desk still need to stay in contact, whether they're talking to customers across the showroom floor or conducting late night negotiations from their hotel room. More and more companies are allowing employees to bring their own devices with their own personal numbers, making it challenging to know how to reach someone. Star2Star can turn iOS and Android devices, and even desktop or laptop computers, into fully featured softphones that use the employees designated work extension. This extension will even show up on Caller ID when the user dials out, protecting their personal number. Phones using StarPhone for iPhone and StarPhone for Android or computers using StarSoftphone make and take calls using any sufficiently strong Internet connection, including public WiFi hotspots, without using any plan minutes. If no Internet connection is available, calls can be placed over a 3G/4G connection.

All The Features You Need, Wherever You Are
Star2Star's Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions are so much more than just voice, and our mobile solutions are no different. Not only can users make and take calls using their mobile devices, but they can use a number of Star2Star's other features and services as well. For example, Star2Star users can access their voicemail from mobile devices, meaning that no important message is ever missed. Softphone users will show up on StarScope 2, making it easy for managers and co-workers to know if they are currently reachable. Users can also access their User Settings and personal contacts list.

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StarScope for your business

StarScope allows you to monitor and control all of your communications including, presence, voice, chat, email and voicemail from a single intuitive interface.

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