The costs of an expanding IT infrastructure can all but cripple a growing business.

More servers, more electricity, more maintenance, more people to run it all--it all costs money, but how can you do business without it?

With virtualization, that's how.  What is virtualization? It’s a way for IT managers to create virtual services out of physical IT infrastructure.

Instead of dedicating an entire server to every software service, virtualization lets you consolidate them all onto a bare minimum number of machines--all without having to worry about operating system requirements or potential software conflicts. SouthTech utilizes VMWare to help grow your business as you fully optimize financial resources throughout IT, shift human energy and conserve the Earth’s energy.

Just imagine the benefits. Fewer servers means lower hardware costs, lower energy costs, and lower maintenance costs. Virtualization also makes disaster recovery easier, providing seamless business continuity until SouthTech gets your network back up to speed.

Don’t have to buy hardware than you actually need just to accommodate occasional spikes in demand. Virtualize instead. It’s a more efficient--not to mention cost-conscious--way to do business.

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