The Path to IT Paradise

Step 3: Design

You need voice and data systems that are flexible to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Too often, businesses design their technology infrastructure based on the next “hot” hardware and software. Purchases are made that confine the business or do not provide the most opportunity for improvements. Focus on always supporting your IT strategy and make sure your design reaches all short and long-term goals.

Your IT infrastructure design should:

  • Be built for now and the future, with scalable options.
  • Utilize best-in-breed proven technologies like virtualization, VoIP, IoT, BI with constant awareness of security.
  • Consider the best options for management including on-premises, cloud and hybrid.
  • Be based on future business plans that may include a mobile workforce, increasing data requirements, enhanced communications and other planned business changes.
  • Include financing options like hardware-as-a-service, leasing and purchase.