The Path to IT Paradise

Step 6: Monitor

To prevent issues and minimize downtime on your voyage, monitor all systems proactively.

Your computer and communications systems are mechanical devices constantly used by large groups. A failure of one critical component can disrupt your complete business, cause lost sales, result in lost data and be a major financial burden. Like any other machine, they need to be properly maintained and protected to work at top performance. But different than other machines, these systems hold information that others want to acquire or damage. Accordingly, it is critical that these systems are continuously monitored.

Your Path to IT Paradise system should include:

  • Monitoring of all key hardware components (servers, switches, firewalls, phone systems, internet, pbx, backups, computers, MFP’s and more).
  • Monitoring of all core applications needed for daily productivity like email, ERP systems, CRM systems, databases, security tools and more.
  • Security monitoring that is sophisticated enough to acknowledge threats and protect all devices on premise, in the cloud or mobile using a layered approach.
  • A tiered alerting system that will timely notify the proper response party based on criticality with adequate information to diagnose the issue.
  • Dedicated personnel available 24×7 to respond with accountability to keep your systems up and running.