The Path to IT Paradise

Step 7: Maintain

Everyone needs to rest and refuel along the way. Your devices need system maintenance.

Your IT infrastructure drives your business. It is being used directly or indirectly by every person in and outside your business. It needs to be available 24×7 and be running as efficiently as possible. For this to happen, both your computer and communication systems must be maintained constantly. Too often maintenance becomes the tasks for “when you have some available time” or left to third-party vendor control. In your journey to IT Paradise, these tasks must become a critical component where proactive services become as important, or more, than reactive support. Keep issues from happening rather than fixing them afterwards.

A proper maintenance plan will include:

  • Verification that all security updates and patches are implemented timely.
  • A strategic approach towards updates and patches where “All” is not an option.
  • Tasks that will optimize system performance.
  • Scheduling maintenance and updates that do not interfere with business operations.
  • Hardware rotation planning to keep systems from aging to a point of lost efficiency.