The Truth Behind and the Benefits of VoIP

Unified Communication Systems Are Advancing

VoIP is sweeping the business world. Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a method for providing voice calls using the Internet instead of traditional, copper wire connections. Every day, more and more companies are making the switch to VoIP to take advantage of the many benefits that the technology offers. But why is VoIP so appealing to modern business?

VoIP offers the potential for tremendous cost savings. It is extremely expensive to maintain the direct connections required by traditional phone lines, expense that is reflected in how much phone companies charge for them. To get lines to each phone in an office, large, bulky, and expensive PBX (private branch exchange) equipment is required. Because VoIP does not require direct connections, the maintenance and equipment costs are much less. Also, a single bundle of virtual call pathways that use VoIP can be shared across all of a company’s locations, meaning that multi-location companies see tremendous monthly savings.

VoIP also easily connects to other communications methods in a unified communications (UC) solution, making it more intuitive and efficient for employees. For example, VoIP allows voicemails to be sent to user email accounts, enabling users to access their voicemail even when they are out of the office. VoIP numbers can be dialed from the same interface as fax, videoconferencing, instant messaging, and other forms of communication, simplifying the training process and putting all of a user’s communications options in one place.

Because VoIP works using online connections, employees have much greater mobility. Depending on the Internet connection required, users can use their extension on any computer by turning it into a softphone, meaning they can work from home or a remote office. Some systems allow users to set up a Find Me/Follow Me solution, where calls are automatically routed to cell phones or remote phones, completely freeing users from their desk.

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