What to Do When Your Business Has Growing Pains

Technological Problems Require Technological Solutions

Growth should be the goal of any business, no matter what industry you are in. Slow growth is fine, you could even call it “safe” growth. But most business owners out there would prefer to speed things up. Problems can arise however, if you grow too fast. If you don’t measure the speed of your growth and add additional resources as needed, you might find yourself in the same situation as the group at the center of this Case Study.

A medical group with four different offices shared one, that’s right, one IT specialist. There was only one man available at any given time to fix problems that popped up across the four locations, and a lot of these problems required on-site visits. What do you do when your one IT guy has to spend the bulk of his time commuting?

You call in backup, of course. And that’s when SouthTech entered the picture. Read on to find out how SouthTech worked with existing IT resources at this company to replace an obsolete system and give them access to a team of experts offering round-the-clock support.

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