What we do

SouthTech is more than just tech support, and has a lot more to offer than your average MSP. SouthTech offers all-inclusive technology solutions that go far beyond the basics of keeping you online. SouthTech’s highly trained team of engineers work to empower your business by strategically designing networks and recommending the best-in-business hardware to your employees. Regular system upgrades, client training, on-site visits: all of this and more is included in a monthly service plan with no binding contract, and you can cancel at any time. SouthTech created their trademarked PowerView® service plans to take the guess work and surprise fees out of tech support.

We offer three PowerView® packages: PowerView® Manage, PowerView® Voice, and Powerview® Secure. Manage handles everything from your workstations to your servers, an all-inclusive Managed IT service program. PowerView® Voice covers your Unified Communications needs, from VoIP to call center technology. PowerView® Secure is all about keeping your company data secure, no matter which device you’re using to access it.

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