PowerView® Secure Keeps You Going

Threats to data security are everywhere. Hackers from the outside. Sometimes they come from within. Employees misuse your company’s network. To properly protect corporate assets, you need a team of security professionals using highly specialized tools, processes and procedures. All businesses, small and large, must be confident that they in the best situation to fend off an attack.

PowerView® Secure works with existing IT departments to provide them with a security foundation that they can trust and resources that might otherwise be out of reach. With the proper tools, monitoring, support and expert consulting, you can focus on productivity while SouthTech focuses on protection.

HIPAA Seal of Compliance for PrintFor businesses with industry-specific compliance requirements including HIPAA and PCI, PowerView® Secure can be customized just for you. SouthTech employs Security Compliance Officers that must maintain up-to-date certifications in all major areas of security. Whether it requires encryption, archiving, multi-factor authentication, 24×7 monitoring, mobile device management or any other security feature, PowerView® Secure can provide a solution.

Trustmark Plus_SecuritySouthTech is one of a select few managed services providers in the United States that has obtained the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certification. This certification requires an internal audit with a 3rd party assessment of the policies, procedures, and operations in place within a firm to identify, detect, protect, respond to, and recover from security incidents. You can rest easy knowing that SouthTech’s nationally-recognized team has the expertise to keep your data secure.