Who we are

SouthTech is not your average Managed Service Provider (MSP).

For more than 25 years, SouthTech’s team of 50-plus technology consultants, certified engineers and support technicians have been empowering clients in every industry with all-inclusive technology solutions for a fixed monthly fee.

SouthTech’s approach to managed services isn’t like anyone else’s because SouthTech understands managed services in a fundamentally different way. Other companies are naturally happy to sell you the products and services you ask them for. They’ll give you routine maintenance and remote support.

They’ll fix things when they break. They might even help plan for your company’s growth or develop a data security plan—for an extra service fee, of course.

But is that really enough? SouthTech doesn’t think so.

To us, the entire goal of collaboration with any of our clients is not to foster dependency on us. We are merely navigators. Instead, it’s to get them to the point where they can stand on their own and run toward the future of business with confidence. Our role is to give them that confidence, by first showing them the path to IT paradise.

The Path to IT Paradise is a set of principles and key steps designed to help companies turn technology into a true business asset, one that efficiently and effectively propels them toward reaching and exceeding business goals.

We Are IT Navigators