A team of over fifty engineers, guided by industry experts.

Meet the partners of SouthTech: the company Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer. Together, they lead SouthTech’s team of highly trained technical specialists and maintain key relationships with client decision makers to ensure quality of service. Also included are the managers of the major divisions at SouthTech.

Nathan Bailey, CEO/COO

Nathan Bailey is a man of many hats at SouthTech. As CEO/COO he provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that SouthTech has the proper people, processes, and tools in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.  He handles everything from daily management briefings to working with team leaders to establish critical KPI’s that will keep each team on task, and remains actively involved in the hiring of new members of the team. Nathan Bailey has been with SouthTech since it’s inception as part of the Kerkering Barberio Group. He is a certified CPA and originally comes from accounting background. This allows him to bring something to the table that clients love: a focus on maximizing client profits through effective use of Technology.

Chad Goble, CTO

Chad Goble has been a member of the SouthTech team from day one.  Over the years Chad has filled the roles of Technician, Network Administrator, Sales Engineer and is presently the Chief Technology Officer. Chad has been certified in technologies ranging from Netware to Microsoft, Cisco and Security.  As SouthTech’s Chief Security Officer Chad manages the Network Administration team, the Network Operations Center team, and SouthTech’s internal systems in addition to overseeing security compliance. Chad believes that clear communication helps to set expectations and establish trust with his clients and his staff.  In his spare time Chad is an avid cyclist who enjoys amateur racing and sits on the board of a local cycling club.

Jennifer Danis, Unified Communications Manager

Jennifer Danis is the Unified Communications Manager for SouthTech. She has been in the Unified Communications field for over 13 years and a part of the SouthTech team for 7 years.  She began working with traditional telephony, just as the VoIP was taking off. Developing her knowledge through the years, she has truly become a specialist within Unified Communications. Whether she is building complex call centers from the ground up or meeting with business owners, she brings a consultative approach to implementing new systems for SouthTech’s clients that are tailored to their businesses, reflecting their unique needs. She believes that good communication is the result of good design.  In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with family.

Henry Decoo, Business Development & Marketing Manager

Henry Decoo is the Business Development & Marketing Manager of SouthTech. He is responsible for overseeing both the Sales and Marketing teams, including the Client Account Managers assigned to each and every SouthTech client. Henry works to ensure that every SouthTech client is given the care they require, and that any need they may have that falls outside the realm of the Client Care team is promptly taken care of. Henry also seeks to establish SouthTech as a local authority on technology to the Southwest Florida business community by meeting with association leaders and coordinating the efforts of SouthTech’s sales and marketing teams to align with where the community is headed. He has an extensive background in sales leadership and has worked with other MSPs in the past.